Hidden Valley Golf Club

Hole #9

The finishing Hole to the Front 9 is two completely different holes depending on which tees you are playing from.  If from the Blue or White Tees, your shot is into a dog-leg left over a hazard.  You want your shot to be in the middle of the fairway, as there are trees on the left and right sides leading into the green.  

If from the Yellow or Red Tees, you have a straight tee shot.  You want to be in the center to take the trees on the left and right sides out of your next shot.    Both approach shots go over a water hazard, with our newly built fountain. The bunker in the front right is a deep-faced bunker.  Anything long behind the green can leave a difficult scramble to the green. 

Member Tip - Your miss into the green is short or to the left, leaving you with the easiest chip shot.