Hidden Valley Golf Club

Tuesday / Thursday Dogfight

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00

Shotgun Start

Show Up 15 minutes before to reserve your spot.

18-Hole Individual Stoke Play

Modified Stableford System (5-points eagle, 4-points birdie, 3-points par, 2-points bogey, 1-point double, Pick up after you miss double)

$10 for the dogfight and an optional $5 skins pot

Before the round we will draw blind 2-man teams (one from the upper half of averages, one from the bottom)

Play with whoever you want!

After the round we will add the scores and pay out cash to the top 1/3 of the field

You don't need a handicap to start playing, just tell us what you usually shoot. After your first match, we will keep a running average of your scores so you can come back and play again!

For more information, call us at 794-8087