Hidden Valley Golf Club

Routine maintenance is something every golf course must to do to provide a great experience for its patrons. Outside of the normal day to day work that is done on the course, we would like to highlight current, past, and future projects here at Hidden Valley. If you, the player, has any suggestions for what we can to do make your experience better, please fill out our survey and bring it to the course next time you play. For your time, you will receive a FREE large bucket of range balls.

Current Projects

  • Cart Path improvement and root removal
  • Recover of drainage ditches around the course: Thanks to Cliff and Betty Murphy for the use of their skid-steer.
  • Hurricane cleanup on #2 (Fall 16): We would like to thank Cliff and Betty Murphy for the use of their skid-steer for the tree removal around #2 green.
  • Family Tee program (Fall 16): A new USGA compliant set of tees for Juniors and beginning golfers.
  • Fluffing all bunkers with new deep bolt tines
  • Tree and Root Removal (16-17) We have our new sub-soiler to rip up roots around the outside of the holes. Please excuse the mess!

Future Projects‚Äč

  • PLAN 18 (Winter 15-17): Over 200 mini-projects to improve the look and playability of the course
  • #7 Bulldozer 

Past Projects

  • Tee Program (Fall 16): Addition of a 5th set of tees to equalize distances and increase the overall fun factor of your round
  • #9 Creek clean-up thanks to Bubba Humbertson and Tim Nelms
  • New tee markers (Thanks to David Dodgen) (2016)
  • Rebuild #11 tee boxes (Jun-Spring 16)
  • Replaced all broken sprinkler heads. Some had been hit by lightning (Apr 15)
  • New hazard stakes (Mar 15)
  • Remark all sprinkler heads with new yardage tags (Oct 14)
  • #5 Tree clean-up outside fairway (Jul 14)
  • Re-handicapping holes based on USGA regulations (Feb 14)
  • Marking yardages to center of green with new markers in the center and outside of the fairways (Dec 15)