​​​Spring II 2017

Week 3

Frick & Frack finished 1st this week with a 33 to move up into the T2 spot with 2-time Defending Champions Tater Coots. Bam remains on top even though they did not play this week. Closest to the Pins go to Brent Gregory and Rob Willm.

The WML would like to welcome our new teams!

Kevin Rufus & Wesley Camp: Hand in the Mookie Jar

Albert Smith & Richard Gannon: Bogie Busters

Martin Cooper & Cody Williams: Duck Hook

David Young & Mike Young: Gilmore & McGavin

Mark Wingate & Nick Young: Big Lil' Ballers

Milton Walter & Marty Kollath: P-Nut M&M

Mark Stripling & Noah Stripling: Back to the Kuchar

David Asbill & Terry Hildebrand: FTG

DJ Bullock & Parrish Deans: War Eagles

Brad Yon & Ronnie Buff: Frick & Frack

Robert Willm & Thomas Dunn: Drivin' Like Tiger

Ryan Rucker & Bobby Oakes: We Don't Have One

Brent Gregory & Matt Calvert: Bam

The next league will begin May 29th / 31st because of the bad weather this week. Hope to see you all there!

Credit will be updated soon!

Thanks for everyone's continued support, let's make it another great year for the Working Man's League!

The Working Man's League in 2017 consist of four 8-week leagues. The League plays 9 holes of 2-man Captain's Choice once a week to accrue points like the FedEx Cup. The next League will begin on May 29th / 31st.

2-Man Captain's Choice format

Play at 4:00-5:45 on Monday OR Wednesday

Callaway Handicap System (you don't need a handicap)

$15 per week you play

Receive a free Player's Pass for signing up

Receive points each week you play FedEx Cup style

All teams will receive ProShop credit based on their performance

Click the link below for more information and Sign-Ups.

Working Man's League

Hidden Valley Golf Club

Past Champions


Spring      Long Strokers               Kent Cales        Paul Hutchinson 

Summer   Long Strokers               Kent Cales        Paul Hutchinson

Fall           BrownSchimpf              Wes Brown       Matt Schimpf


Spring      Dude Where's My Par   Wes Brown       Matt Schimpf

Summer   Dude Where's My Par   Wes Brown       Matt Schimpf

Fall           Dude Where's My Par   Wes Brown       Matt Schimpf


Spring I    Dirty Birdie                     Wes Brown       Matt Schimpf

Spring II   Dirty Birdie                     Wes Brown       Matt Schimpf

Summer   Dirty Birdie                     Wes Brown       Matt Schimpf

Fall          Creative Fence              Roger Burrows  Kevin Richbourg


Spring I    Tater Coots                   David Dodgen   Wayne Lowman

Spring II   R&R Express                Rubin Alley       Robert Mills

Summer   R&R Express                Rubin Alley       Robert Mills

Fall           Tater Coots                   David Dodgen   Wayne Lowman


​Spring I    Tater Coots                   David Dodgen   Wayne Lowman

Front 9 Record

R&R Express                      Rubin Alley            Robert Mills          29         Spring II '16

Back 9 Record

Tater Coots                        David Dodgen        Wayne Lowman     29       Spring I '17

18-Hole Record

R&R Express                     Rubin Alley             Robert Mills            63      Summer '16

Dirty Birdie                         Wes Brown             Matt Schrimpf         63      Spring I '17

Tater Coots                        David Dodgen         Wayne Lowman     63      Spring I '17

Team of the Year

2013:     Long Strokers                  Kent Cales        Paul Hutchinson

2014:     Dude Where's My Par     Wes Brown        Matt Schrimpf

2015:     Dirty Birdie                       Wes Brown        Matt Schrimpf

​2016:     R&R Express                   Rubin Alley        Robert Mills

Team of the Year is determined by the team that wins the most sessions. If teams are tied for session wins, the winner will be determined by the combined total amount of points gained during the year.

Hidden Valley would like to thank everyone for playing in the Working Man's League in 2016 year!  Combined, the League played almost 1,391 rounds last year!  The League also paid out the most ever $12,865 last year!  We appreciate those of you putting out the word to grow the league and appreciate your continued patronage at Hidden Valley. We hope to continue growing and having great times golfing with friends!  

2017 Addendum:

1. White Tee Age Change:  Because we have shortened the course from both the Yellow Tees and White Tees, the age will be changed to 60. This change will be grandfathered in gradually. Spring I will be 56, Spring 2 will be 57, Summer will be 58, and Fall will be 59. The 2018 Season will be 60. The age you are at the beginning of the Session will dictate the tee box you play from for that Session unless you are moving from White to Yellow.

2. Teams must play after 4:00 with another team. A team will be allowed to play outside of the 4:00-5:45 window only by special circumstance and permission twice per session. 

3. Any team not playing in the Finale will now receive points just like they would when they do not play on a normal week. This will be less penal than currently not playing in the Finale

4. The "42" Loophole will be removed and there will be an adjustment to the Callaway Handicap System.

5. Putts inside a grip length will be considered holed. Teams will no longer be required to "hole out" tap-in putts to help the pace of play.